Published 13 Feb 2024
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CBSE Board Exam 2024: A student’s academic career is deemed to culminate in the board exams. The results of a student’s board examinations might have a big impact on their future plans. Students who are scheduled to take board exams experience a great deal of anxiety and tension. While some of them may stay tight, others may experience severe terror.

Even if students study for examinations all year long, the stress of board exams might cause them to make typical blunders when writing tests. As important as diligent study and hard effort are, success also depends on avoiding certain blunders in the testing environment.

The top 5 errors that students typically make when writing the CBSE board test are as follows:

1. Improper use of the 15-minute additional time

Students have an additional fifteen minutes before the exam begins for the CBSE board exam. Students should use this time to look over all of the questions and then plan out how they will approach the assignment. Nevertheless, a lot of students squander this time by just reading the questions without choosing which ones to respond first.

2. Ignoring the intent behind a question

Stress and anxiety related to exams might cause pupils to misunderstand questions. They might not thoroughly read the questions in their haste to finish the assignment on time, thus they might not fully comprehend the questions before they begin writing replies. They could so begin producing responses that are insufficient or do not address the subject.

3. Ineffective time management

Effective time management is essential to passing the CBSE board exams. Even yet, a lot of students still struggle to efficiently manage their time during exams, often as a result of exam anxiety and stress. Students should schedule how much time to spend on each question and category ahead of time to avoid making this error. They won’t feel hurried during the exam and will be able to keep on course thanks to this.

4. Responses must not exceed the allotted word count.

Many students think that the lengthier their response, the higher their grade would be. This is untrue to the core. Examiners are simply searching for well-thought-out responses that provide pertinent details and essential facts. Extended, essay-style responses might be tedious to read and can make it harder for the examiner to identify the main arguments. Furthermore, if you take too long composing a lengthy response, you might not have enough time to finish the exam’s remaining questions.

5. Duplicating inaccurate data

Particularly in numerical problems, students commonly make the error of copying inaccurate data from the question paper. Even in cases when the student has written the entire technique and computations accurately, this might result in a zero on that one question. Students should use particular caution while copying information from the question paper in order to avoid making this error. To ensure that they have correctly copied the data, they should review their work twice.

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