Faith Academy

Diamond Jubilee



We have a state of the art play field with running tracks, basketball, volley ball, badminton and football courts. The hydraulic stage comes up to hold different programmes and goes down to ground level when not in use. This provides enough space for children to play.

Science labs

Science projects are a part of the curriculum at Faith Academy. Students at Faith Academy have the chance to enjoy the thrill of experiential learning in the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics. In our labs, children can conduct experiments and explorations that bring science to life using cutting-edge equipment and materials like chemicals, microscopes, beakers, test tubes, burners, and more.

creative thinking lab

The creative thinking lab is a collaborative and experimental space that encourages students to explore their imagination and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. It’s a place where creativity is embraced, and new ideas are celebrated. The lab often provides students with access to a variety of tools and resources to facilitate brainstorming, experimentation, and prototyping.


The books in the school library cover a wide range of topics. Finding the ideal book is something that librarians are always happy to assist readers with. Many publications and newspapers are available that can be used to collect up-to-date information for school projects.

Students may concentrate on their studies and academics there with less interruptions. 

The school has a well furnished Library with a good supply of books and CDs on varied subjects. Internet facility is available in the Library.

language LAB

It has been beautifully set up with 55 monitors and head phones where children will be able to practise communication, both speaking and listening skills.

It’s typically equipped with resources such as textbooks, audiovisual materials, and language-learning software.

Recording studio

A studio has been made at par with international standards to enable children and staff to record documentaries and songs.

art gallery

The Art Gallery had been introduced in Faith Academy, in the year 2008-09. Here the children are trained and instructed to learn special skills in drawing, gridding, light and shade effects and penmanship drawings.

The Art Gallery is instrumental in revitalizing the interest in art among the students. It has encouraged the children to stretch the limits of their imagination-indeed the Art Gallery of Faith Academy is a testament to the power and inventiveness of a child’s imagination.

Visit art gallery Website

computer lab

In order to fulfil the needs of students of all ages and skill levels, our computer labs offer a comprehensive selection of computers, software, and other technologies. The computer lab at Faith Academy offers students a friendly and stimulating atmosphere where they may explore their passions and realise their full potential, whether they are working on class projects, honing their computer skills, or discovering new software and tools. Technology experts who work in our lab are courteous and knowledgeable, and they are always on hand to answer queries and facilitate student learning.

Audio Visual Facility

The Audio Visual room is indeed an asset for the upgradation of education in our school. It is equipped with gadgets of latest technology and thus provides facilities for the students and teachers to make learning interesting, creative and colorful. To build up the confidence of the young pupils, various activities such as Power Point Presentations, L.C.D. film shows, C.D. recordings etc. are conducted. This room serves as a platform for conducting various seminars, conferences and symposiums.


A piano room with ten digital pianos has been set up. Children from classes IV to XII have the privilege of learning to play the piano. Piano classes will be after the school hours.