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Top 5 Exam Writing Errors Students Must Avoid for High Scores on the CBSE Board Exam 2024

13 Feb 2024

Like Reads: 44 CBSE Board Exam 2024: A student’s academic career is deemed to culminate in the board exams. The results of a student’s board examinations might have a big impact on their future plans.    Even if students study for examinations all year long, the stress of board exams might cause them to make typical blunders when writing tests. Success also depends on avoiding certain blunders in the testing environment. The top 5 errors that students typically make when writing the CBSE board exams are as follows: 1. Improper use of the 15-minute additional time   Students have an additional fifteen minutes before the exam begins. Students should use this time to look over all of the questions and then plan out how they will approach the assignment. Choose the questions wisely. 2. Ignoring the intent behind a question Read the questions carefully at least three times. Understand the tricks or knacks which are in it. 3. Ineffective time management Plan ahead, how much time is needed to answer MCQs, SAQ and LAQ. Practice sample paper, setting the timer during preparatory holidays. 4. Responses must not exceed the allotted word count. Write to the point , adhering the word limit. Underline the value points in pencil, label the diagrams. 5. Duplicating inaccurate data Particularly in numerical problems, students commonly make the error of copying inaccurate data from the question paper. Even in cases when the student has written the entire technique and computations accurately, this might result in a zero on that one question. Students should use particular caution while copying information from the question paper in order to avoid making this error. To ensure that they have correctly copied the data, they should review their work twice. When copying the numericals from the question paper, be careful and extra cautious, careless copying will result in a zero.