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English Olympiad

26 September

English Olympiad: Celebrating Language Excellence

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the enchanting world of words, literature, and eloquence? Join us for the  English Olympiad, a celebration of language excellence and a platform for students to showcase their linguistic talents!

Event Overview: The English Olympiad is a captivating and intellectually stimulating competition that brings together wordsmiths, poets, storytellers, and language enthusiasts. It offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the English language and engage in spirited competition.

Event Highlights:

  • Language Mastery: Participants will delve into a wide array of English language challenges, including reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, creative writing, and literary analysis. Each challenge is designed to test your linguistic prowess and creativity.

  • Express Yourself: The English Olympiad encourages self-expression and creativity. Through writing, speaking, and interpretation, you’ll have the chance to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with eloquence and flair.

  • Literary Exploration: Dive into the world of classic and contemporary literature. The Olympiad may feature questions and tasks related to renowned literary works, allowing you to explore the depths of storytelling and character development.

  • Prizes and Recognition: Outstanding participants will be honored with trophies, certificates, and the prestige of being named the English champions. Exceptional individuals may also have the opportunity to represent our school at regional and national language and literature competitions.

Who Can Participate: The English Olympiad welcomes students Whether you’re a bibliophile, a grammar aficionado, a budding poet, or simply fascinated by the power of words, this event is tailored for you.

Join Us and Celebrate the Art of Expression: The English Olympiad promises an enchanting voyage through the realms of language, literature, and expression. It’s a chance to sharpen your language skills, ignite your creativity, and develop a lifelong love for the English language.

Prepare to be inspired, captivated, and challenged as you embark on this linguistic adventure with us. Join the English Olympiad and celebrate the art of expression with fellow language enthusiasts!

Let’s celebrate the beauty of words together!

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General Knowledge Olympiad

10 October

Participating Classes: 4-9


Do you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge? Are you fascinated by facts, trivia, and the world around you? Join us for the General Knowledge Olympiad, an exhilarating journey into the realm of facts, current affairs, and general knowledge!

Event Overview: The General Knowledge Olympiad is a thrilling and intellectually stimulating competition that challenges your understanding of the world. It provides a platform for students to test their knowledge across a wide range of topics, from history and geography to current events and science.

Event Highlights:

  • Diverse Knowledge Challenges: Participants will face a series of mind-bending questions and challenges that span multiple domains, including history, geography, politics, science, culture, and more.

  • Current Affairs: Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world. The Olympiad often includes questions on current events, ensuring that participants are well-informed global citizens.

  • Critical Thinking: Test your ability to analyze information, make connections, and think critically. The GK Olympiad isn’t just about facts; it’s about understanding the context and implications of those facts.

  • Prizes and Recognition: Trophies, certificates, and bragging rights await the top-performing participants, who will be celebrated as the knowledge champions of [Your School Name].

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Science Olympiad

17 October

Science Olympiad: Unleash Your Inner Scientist!

Are you passionate about exploring the mysteries of the universe, conducting fascinating experiments, and diving deep into the world of science? If so, we invite you to participate in the Science Olympiad!

Event Overview: The Science Olympiad is a thrilling and educational competition that brings together students who share a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It offers an opportunity for students to showcase their scientific knowledge, problem-solving skills, and teamwork in a fun and competitive environment.

Event Highlights:

  • Diverse Science Challenges: Participants will engage in a wide range of science challenges, from biology and chemistry to physics and engineering. Each challenge is designed to test your scientific prowess and creativity.

  • Teamwork: The Science Olympiad emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. You’ll work closely with a partner or team to tackle complex problems and experiments, fostering communication and cooperation skills.

  • Hands-On Experiments: Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Our Science Olympiad features hands-on experiments that allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. It’s a chance to get your hands dirty and experience the thrill of discovery.

  • Prizes and Recognition: Top-performing teams will be awarded trophies, certificates, and bragging rights as the science champions. Outstanding individuals may also have the opportunity to represent our school at regional and national science competitions.

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Mathematics Model Display

27 October

  • Diverse Math Models: Marvel at an array of math models, each highlighting a unique mathematical concept or application. From geometry and algebra to statistics and calculus, our students’ creativity knows no bounds.

  • Interactive Exhibits: Engage with hands-on exhibits that allow you to explore and interact with mathematical principles. From fractal patterns to probability simulations, you’ll experience math in action.

  • Real-World Relevance: Discover how math extends far beyond textbooks. Explore exhibits that showcase the practical applications of mathematics in fields such as engineering, architecture, finance, and more.

  • Student Presentations: Our talented students will be on hand to explain their math models and answer your questions. Get inspired by their enthusiasm for mathematics.

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Annual Day

23-24 November

Join us for a magical evening of talent, creativity, and celebration at our school’s Annual Day! 

This much-anticipated event is a showcase of the incredible achievements and talents of our students throughout the year. From mesmerizing performances to heartwarming speeches, our Annual Day promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, inspiration, and pride. Come and be a part of this joyous occasion as we come together to applaud the dedication and hard work of our students and educators. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

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Dr. M Kannan
Principal FA-I

Dear Friend,

I am delighted to welcome you to the portals of Faith Academy through this website. In Faith Academy  we are committed to fostering excellence in education and personal growth of every individual student who has been entrusted to our care. As we celebrate the faithfulness of LORD JESUS CHRIST on this sixtieth year of Diamond Jubilee we would like to highlight the incredible achievements of our students. Aanya Talwar achieved the highest aggregate of 97.8% in CBSE Class 12 Board Exam and nine getting centum in different subjects. Gaius got into prestigious IIT-Kharagpur. Several students got admissions in Delhi Technological University and well reputed colleges of University of Delhi. In International Mathematics Olympiad, Garvit Bhutani  was awarded Rank 2.

As Martin Luther King said, “Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education” we strive to instill in our students not only knowledge but also the values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect,  perseverance and patriotism.


Our dedicated faculty members are passionate about their subjects and are here to guide, counsel  and inspire students on their educational and emotional  journey.  Our curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity and creativity, equipping our students with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. We also place great emphasis on extracurricular activities, motivating students to explore their interests, talents  and skills.  In Inter School Competitions Faith Academy received 5 first prizes and in Zonals, 3. Jasreet Waraich secured the first position in Shot Put under 14 in Open Khelo India. It’s indeed Girl power!


Apart from providing state of the art infrasructure facilities to the students , we also see that they develop all round personality with courage and confidence to face any type of challenges in life.  As the principal of Faith Academy, I am dedicated to nurture a safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment where every student can flourish like ‘valley of flowers’. I look forward to working closely with all of you to achieve our shared ambitions and aspirations. Here’s to a successful and transformative experience at Faith Academy!


I hope you have a  cheerful and joyful experience as you browse

through the pages of this website.

 With warm regards,


Dr M. Kannan,


Faith Academy.


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